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Company history

On this page we would like to tell you about our family business.

We look back on a tradition of more than 87 years, which is now continued in the 3rd generation.

Production around 1957

It all began in the small village of Oberndorf with the "company founder - the slipper man" Kurt Präßler. He started in 1932 with the production of wooden slippers. In 1952 the production was changed over to the production of wooden buckle shoes for the regional handicraft, since at this time in the building handicraft a high demand for this product existed. The production took place at that time still in the house-own dwelling. The products were mainly sold regionally to small shoe shops. Due to the demand, in 1958 the production was converted to house slippers, which were manufactured until the reunification period. His son-in-law took over the business in 1992. Together with his wife they produced slippers for everyone in the in-house production until 2008 and sold them on local markets in the Thuringian area.

Since 2008 the company has been continued in the 3rd generation by their son Gunar Födisch in the neighbouring village. Here the Pantoffelmann team takes care with heart and hand of the local and online distribution of high-quality slippers and Eastern products of the regional handicraft. In our assortment you will find slippers, felt goods and well-known Ostalgie products in many different designs.

We hope you enjoyed the short history of Pantoffelmann´s and hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive product range. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.

Your Pantoffelmann Team