Museum slippers: high quality over slippers for every occasion

Convenient and practical: museum slippers are a reliable companion in many situations.

The specially for wearing over the shoe slippers designed to protect the soil and provide a rubber sole still strong hold. Regardless of whether you want to use our Museum slippers at work, in public buildings or around the home: we supply best quality of high-quality felt. Put your slippers on a specialist and discover the wide range in our shop.

Museum slippers: Protect sensitive floors

Classical museum slippers be used in museums and other public places to protect delicate floors. Visitors can felt slippers also called castle slippers easily draw on their everyday shoes and then move without scratching hardwood and other flooring.

Another application for museum slippers is the building industry. Again, surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas from dirt and the rough soles of work boots must be protected. Models for this purpose must be large enough to provide shoes with steel plates Place.

Not only is the soil to be protected by museum slippers, and the carrier should have a secure grip on smooth surfaces. For this purpose the special over slippers are provided with a rubber sole. No slipping on freshly treated soils: If you decide for quality, you can rely on your museum slippers.

In our shop you will find it in search of high quality over slippers. We present felt slippers for men that are characterized by robust material, durability and variety of looks. Order with us museum slippers, from which you benefit long.

Museum slippers and much more: felt slippers and east products in our shop

Beautiful and high quality products made of felt are our passion. Especially on felt slippers for men, we specialize and offer in this area a particularly wide range. Please contact us for next practical museum slippers and slippers in many beautiful designs. Together all our slippers always have high quality.

Discover the vast assortment and find a slipper which suits you. A special highlight in our shop is classic footwear, as it is known from east german times.

You have questions about our slippers or to our shop? Then contact us through our contact form. We are happy to assist you.